Sam the Sailor

Bernstein - Boltono by Unbridleds Song
16.3 Hands tall and big bodied, 2006 Gelding
Adoption Fee - $1,000

Originally adopted from New Vocations, Sam came to us after a couple of years of decorating the pasture. Sam is very athletic and a well-bred guy with notables such as Unbridled, Affirmed and Storm Cat in his background.

Sam could go in many directions. We've taken him trail-riding off the farm, he's been ridden in clinics with Olympians, he can hold his own in the dressage sand box, and he has taken to jumping. Sam is a big guy, with an equally big stride and a big personality.

Here is what Lori, our head trainer has to say about Sam: "Sam has been with us for about a year, he needs the right person to come along for him. He has made some headway into what might be considered his issues, especially over the last few months. But really they aren't issues so much as creative differences, he thinks his strong canter is the best way to do things, his producer and director disagree (and maybe his fellow actors as well, but they don't speak up). He is slowly coming around to their way of thinking but it took getting his agent involved. Sam is a hunky guy, a little on the heavy side, but I hear that is in these days. I think he would love to do hunter paces (especially if he got the lead roll). He would likely make a good fox hunter too. He went to his first combined test a couple weekends ago, and after some performance anxiety in the stadium ring, went around decently. You would think he would be used to this acting gig by now, but I guess performing in front of a live audience is a little different. Or he just wanted to see what it was like to truly be a diva. If he is going to continue with being a stage actor he just needs more gigs, he catches on to those things fast, it's just the creative differences that get him into trouble.

Anyway, someone who is a strong rider would have fun playing with this guy in a variety of formats"

  Nov 12, 2015   admin

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