Horses Available for Adoption

Please browse our horses that are currently available for adoption or are coming along nicely under saddle and will be ready for visitors soon. Horses that are listed as available soon may be options for some adopters after trainer-to-trainer conversations have taken place.

The Match is most important: The right home, the right rider, the first time

A poor match is miserable for both horse and rider, and most often, the horse suffers most. We are a leader in matchmaking horses and adopters, and our record of successful adoptions speaks for itself.

Everything we do is to make sure that both our horses and our adopters are happy. If we feel like the horse you have chosen is not a good match, we won't approve the adoption. We have taken the time to get to know our horses, and it is our responsibility to make the very best decisions that we can for them.

Just because you are not a good fit for an OTTB that we currently have does not mean that there is not an OTTB out there for you.

A 30-day trial

Yep, you read that right. You get a 30-day, risk-free trial. You'll sign a 30-day trial contract, you will pay the adoption fee up-front, and if it does not work out you can bring the horse back within the month for a full refund.

During the trial, you should take some lessons, get a PPE done, have your farrier check the horse out and make sure they are going to get along with the herd-mates. Some folks even take the horses to shows and clinics during the trial. However, the fine print here is that if you wait 31 days to bring the horse back or break our horse, your adoption fee is non-refundable.

​We want you to take a “test-drive”.

No, actually, we REQUIRE that you take a test-drive, even 2 or 3 test-drives. Every FFI horse receives, at a minimum, 60 days professional or semi-professional re-training. That means you can expect our ex-racers to be good citizens on the ground, stand for tacking, and be well-started at walk, trot, and canter. They probably have even been out on the trails around the farm, started over fences, or traveled to a few shows and been out cross-country schooling. Some have even been to recognized horse-trials.

We invest in the health of every horse.

Each FFI horse receives a vet administered intake exam within a few weeks of arrival into the program. This exam includes a health and wellness exam, a lameness exam, vaccinations, dental work and follow-up (if needed). The vet determines if there are any limitations to the horse’s riding career, and all this information is available to you upon request. In addition, if during its time with us, if a horse begins to have any problems, the vet is involved to assess, treat and determine what impact, if any, there is on their future career. We encourage every potential adopter to talk to the vet prior to adoption.

Pre-purchase exam? No problem. FFI offers a generous 30-day trial period so that you have plenty of time to get your new horse home, settled and your own vet scheduled for a PPE.

​We really get to know our horses.

Nope, no horse flippers here at FFI. Our horses are with us, generally 4-9 months. We spend at a minimum the first 30-60 days getting to know our new horse, not trying to get it out the door to the first adopter that can successfully fill-out an application. Because of this, we are able to discuss if a horse might be a good match for you based on temperament, current and potential ability, your current riding level, your goals and stabling circumstances.

Can I sell my FFI horse?

Not in the first year. Therefore, horse-flippers need not apply. But, if, after the first year, both horse and human are happy the adoption contract will expire and rights of ownership will transfer from FFI to the adopter. The fine print: there is a clause in the adoption contract that allows FFI to renew the contract if there are concerns. Therefore, it is important to send us updates and let us know how things are going. We won't let you and your FFI horse fall off the face of the earth, and our adopters LOVE to brag on their FFI beasts. All we request is that if you sell your adopted horse, let us know who and where it is going so we can reach out, say hello and make a new friend.

​You can always bring them back.

It's a fact of life: Change. People get married, divorced, have kids, change goals or disciplines, lose confidence, get injured, change jobs, lose jobs; and sometimes a horse doesn't fit like it used to. Once an FFI horse, always an FFI horse, and they can always come back. If you bought an FFI horse from an adopter, this applies to you too. Now, with that said, if you need to return an adopted horse to FFI, you may have to wait for a stall to open-up which could take 30-90 days.

If you are interested in adopting, don't wait to get the process started!

At any given time, we have 10-15 horses in various stages of transitioning and retraining. The right horse for you may not have been introduced to the public yet. It's not uncommon for us to receive an application and think that a good potential fit is with one of our up-and-coming horses.

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