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Friends of Ferdinand Inc. 

Friends of Ferdinand Inc. (FFI) is Indiana's ONLY accredited equine welfare non-profit organization that specializes in transitioning ex-racehorses into second careers.  FFI is a volunteer organization and our horses are housed and cared for by people who understand and appreciate the qualities of the off-track thoroughbred.

It's no secret that the racehorse that is no longer competitive on the racetrack faces an uncertain future and is at-risk.  We believe that it is a shame that retired racehorses who are sound, have the potential to be sound, have good minds and have options for a second career should face an unfortunate end.  However, not every ex-racer has an undesirable fate and they are lucky enough to find second careers as sport horses, hunter/jumpers, eventers, dressage mounts, trail/pleasure horses and companions. 

FFI HORSES AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION AND FAQ's: At any given time, we have 10-15 horses in various stages of transitioning and re-training. In an ideal world, the website would be updated daily, but the reality is that playing with the horses is just more fun than working on the website!  Because our guys get so much attention and because our FACEBOOK mistress is awesome, if you are looking for sneak-peaks and announcements of horses that are ready for visitors, then we suggest you keep a very close eye on the FACEBOOK page.  

TIP: It's not uncommon for horses to go out on trial soon after their FACEBOOK announcements, so it is a good idea to get your application or inquiry in, tell us what your looking for and what your goals are so we can see if any of the guys coming along might be a good fit for you. 

FAQ's - please read em and discover our awesomeness.  All of our horses are thoroughly vet checked.  They are not made available for adoption until we feel they are ready, they have shown us what they want to do next, and we have a good idea of what level of rider will best suit them. 

ADOPTION APPLICATION: If you are interested in an FFI horse, fill out the adoption application to get the ball rolling. An adoption application is required to schedule a visit. 

We LOVE our adopters; each one carefully selected for their talents, their honesty, their commitment to their goals, and their overall AWESOMENESS. If you would like to join our very merry band of adopters, we welcome your application. But, please know that the moment you push that submit button and we receive your application a group of VOLUNTEERS swing into action to begin reaching out to you, and to your references. If you find another horse, please let us know so that our peeps do not spend anymore of their unpaid time on your application. 

GIVE BACK: It does not matter whether you are a player, a racehorse owner/trainer, or an OTTB lover, we often say that it takes a village to help these horses find a soft landing when their racing career is over and then move onto successful second careers. FFI would not exist without your help, no matter how big or small.  

DONATE A THOROUGHBRED: If you have a horse that you would like for FFI to consider accepting into our adoption program, please complete the horse donation form.  If we have not seen your horse already, pictures will be required.  You can upload them to the horse donation form, or you can email them directly to contact@friendsofferdinand.com.  It may take 3-5 days for us to respond to your inquiry. If the horse is in a predicament that requires a faster response, in addition to submitting the horse donation form, please also send us an email.   

TRACK LISTINGS and other AVAILABLE OTTB's: These are horses that are not owned by FFI and we do not provide any the information that is provided here is what has been provided to us.  We provide no guarantees for soundness, saneness or suitability for your skill level.  These horses may still be racing or they may be OTTBs with some re-training that are looking for their next rider and partner. 

INTERNSHIP: Are you thinking about a career in the horse industry? Want to learn more about TB rescue and re-training? With support from the Tony Stewart Foundation and the ASPCA, FFI is able to offer 3-4 month internship opportunities to select individuals. 

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