Logan Township - 2002 Gelding

Logan.jpgAfter 78 starts Logan retired from racing, sound and quite clean legged, but he is anything but retired.  This guy is tough as nails, eager to work, can go all day long and has not put a foot wrong.  He is forward and game, so needs a rider who is looking for a horse that has been around a few blocks, but not so interested in a lazy beast.  

What Logan really wants to do is hunt. We've taken him out with the Miama Valley Hunt in southwest Ohio and he really seemed to "get it". He looks for the hounds, is quiet at the checks, and has enough get-up-and-go to keep up with the hounds when needed.  On his 3rd time out, he was whipping-in the hounds, gone over ditches, through water, and went by a busy road. He's had deer, turkeys and pheasant jump out around him, without issue.  Logan has a good mind, with plenty of go to carry you on long runs and would make an excellent first field horse or whip horse.  

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